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'Til the end of the line.
                               - for my dearest, beautiful Nat! best wishes 

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Harold has an epiphany

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It’s so nice to see a woman eat on a television show. Like really eat.

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Soy milk? I can’t stand this stuff. Go cow or go home.

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I really really need a gif of this scene

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100 Days of Sebastian Stan
Day 29: The one with the dinosaur


100 Days of Sebastian Stan

Day 29: The one with the dinosaur

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Sebastian Stan is a very pretty man and I am a very frustrated lady.

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Anonymous said: I'm not being critical, just wondering if anyone else notices that sebastian looks a bit on the thinner side. Looks a lot different than from Philly con, am I the only one? I'm not into vanity or anything, I love him as an actor but I was curious since he isn't working on anything rn and cap3 doesn't begin filming til apr2015. No hate, just a lot of love.


Hmm, let’s take a look!

Sebastian has a strange ability to take ridiculous amounts of muscle and make it disappear under soft sweaters. For example, this picture from June 26th makes it clear just how ripped he was:


but at the Philly Wizard World Con just five days earlier, he didn’t look all that bulked up once he covered those beautiful arms with clothing:

Here he is on August 1st, showing off the arms:

but three weeks later, he was able to hide all that under a sweater again:

So any picture where he’s wearing one of those soft pullovers he seems to favor lately is kind of deceptive, because his muscles seem to just go into hiding somehow as soon as he gets dressed.

Still, let’s look at the most recent pics available. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on in the most up-to-date workout pic from September 8th because of the way he’s posed:

Now, if we look at the pics from September 29th, there’s one where he looks pretty skinny, but I think it’s just kind of an odd angle of his neck:

because if you look at his neck in the other photos from that evening, you don’t get that same impression:

I think this might just be a case where yet again, he somehow manages to tuck away a surprising amount of muscle tone under his clothing.

That’s not to say he hasn’t gotten smaller at all - in May and June, he was working out constantly, most likely in preparation for shooting The Bronze in July (and, in my fantasies, for sneaking off to London and shooting a small role in Age of Ultron. But that’s a different topic.) He had to be in great shape to play a gymnast. Based on the frequency - or lack thereof - of Don Saladino’s workout pic posts these days, Sebastian does seem to be spending less time in the gym. Since he doesn’t need to begin filming Cap3 until April, it’d make sense if he eased up a bit on the training for a few months. But ignoring the Magically Deceptive Sweater and just going by his neck and forearms, he doesn’t seem to have lost a significant amount of weight compared to the June 21st pic from Philadelphia. Maybe just a bit less muscle through his shoulders.

I’m ashamed over the fact that I have been thinking a lot about this too…

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Steve Rogers has been suicidal since 1945 when Bucky died.

Not anymore. He has a reason to live now.

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I gotta put it in the water!

Something I just noticed while rewatching the scene from Avengers for my essay was the fact that the second Coulson brings up the ice, Steve gets up and goes to the cockpit, to look out at the sea.

He’s standing at the cockpit, looking out over the water. In his mind, only 17 days ago, he was on the same mission: get the tesseract, save the world, stop a madman. Only 17 days ago, he was at those controls, tilting the nose of the plane down and heading into the water. Only 17 days ago, he thought he was succeeding.

Only two weeks ago, he woke up and found the world was saved. Only twenty-four hours ago, he found out that everything he did was for nothing: another madman, the same weapon, being called on to stop it.

“I hope I’m the man for the job,” he says, because he’s remembering the last time he went on the same mission, the last time he donned the uniform, the last time he sacrificed himself, seemingly for nothing.

He’s standing there, looking at the same view, as Phil squees on how awesome Captain America - not Steve Rogers - is. Coulson is basking in the hero. Steve, though, is standing there and remembering the moment he made the decision that cost him everything. And now, he has to do it all again.

Here we go again. Emotional sadism. But it’s true though. It’s a thing you don’t think about when watching the Avengers.

Also, Buckyyyyyyyyyyyy!

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You go get him, Buck!

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